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Seventeen years of dedication to capturing moments, personalities, and the world around me through my various lenses, has led to my growth as a published photographer working all over the LI, NYC & NJ areas. My journey started with a traditional darkroom background, using film and enlargers to produce Fine Art and Abstract Photographs and over the course of my career, my focus expanded to not just Fine Art Photography but also to Commercial work providing an array of different photographic services. These services range from Behind the Scenes for events, performances, and creative projects to Portraiture & Headshots for creatives like Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Artists and others. My services also include Fashion & Product Photography for Eco-Friendly brands as well as photography for Weddings & Engagements. I also provide editing services such as restoring old photographs or editing current digital images. 

I honestly enjoy being able to work in different fields of Photography as I find the skills needed for each speciality makes me a more well rounded and knowledgable photographer, ready for anything. My goal with each photo shoot is to make sure I'am providing you with an individually crafted experience, unique to you and your needs. We all know that being photographed or expressing ideas for a specific image or photo session can be slightly intimidating but I pride myself on being easy to work with, open-minded, creative, organized, adaptable, and able to make everyone feel comfortable and confident on location or in a studio setting. I'am absolutely here to help and I look forward to bringing the image of your vision to reality.


I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my site, view my portfolio, and learn a little about me and what I do. If you think we would make a great fit for your photographic needs or if you have any questions on any of the services provided, please feel free to send me a message so we can get started on getting the images you need now!

Sincerely & with much appreciation,

-Yanina May 

Want to know a little more about me? Keep on reading to see what we may have in common!

Favorite Book - 

   Harry Potter Series, Eragon Series, The Book of Joby, The Name of the Wind Series, almost every book by Mitch Albom, almost every book by Wally Lamb, The Abarat Series, The Shining, The Stand, and honestly if you let me I can keep going hahaha : ) 

Favorite Comics - 

   Saga, Lock & Key, The Umbrella Academy, The Walking Dead, Monstrous, and Class 6.

Favorite Shows & Movies -  

   The Office, Parks & Recreation, Archer, Big Mouth, Working Moms, Greys Anatomy, New Amsterdam, This is Us, The Good Doctor, The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, Shameless, almost every single Disney and Pixar Movie, all 3 Hobbit movies, Dragonheart, Pride & Prejudice, Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, All Harry Potter movies, and every movie with Will Ferrel in it. 

Favorite Musicians/Bands - 

    Trevor Hall, Lizzo, The Dirty Heads, Macklemore, Odeza, Sofi Tucker, Dave Matthews, Greenday, Our lady Peace, Khalid, Mumford & Sons, Blue October, Kesha, LP,  No Doubt, Satsang, and Sia just to name a few. 


Favorite Platform & Games -

    Nintendo no contest ever. Games - Pokemon (new or old ones), Dragon Quest Builders 2, every Zelda game, Skyrim, Mario Kart, &    Mario Galaxy. I am going to sneak in Playstation and 2 of my favorite games Kingdom Hearts and Borderlands.  


Favorite cameras to work with -

    FILM - Canon A1 35mm, & Mamiya 645 Medium Format.

    DIGITAL - Canon 5d Mark iv, Fuji XT-2, and Hasselblad.

Past Work Experience


Full Time

- 5 years - Certified Photographer with Lifetouch Preschool Portraits 

- 4 years - In-House Photographer and Re-toucher for a Modeling and Acting School in NYC and LA.

- Current - Owner, Photographer, and Re-toucher for Yanina May Photography.



- Musician Ryan Townsend 

- Antony Cherrie, Sydney Sahr, and Mark Loercher of the band Goldpoint.

- Musician Shauni Rosaria Ruetz 

- The beautiful ladies of the band Retroglam


Featured In

- Empire Coven - Sept 2019 

- AMA Magazine - April 2019

- 1814 Magazine - Issue #11 

- Phoenix Magazine - April 2017

- Fader Magazine - Mar/Apr 2017

- Kraven Magazine - April 2016



- Eryc Taylor Dance

- Indigo Apparel

- EZ Bra    

- Brenner Photo Production

- The Redstar Line

- SoulMetal, Hand Made Artisan Jewelry


Behind the Scenes/Volunteering 

- Bell-Ans Volition Gallery Art Show for Lauren Rudolph

- Women Who Thrive event

- Rockland County Choral Society Concert

- The Nova Sanctuary Events

- Reality Takeover Arthritis Fundraiser 

- Troy Rameys music video for Adderall 

- New York Times - Cartel Land: A Special Discussion w/ Director Matt Heinman & New York Times Deputy National Editor for Digital      Damien Cave.

- New York Times Latino Network Event

- Distract tv interviews


Videos Created by: Lucio Nieto

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