I recently came across this place called Noahs Park Retreat in Goshen, NY. They take in animals that need homes and provide tours with the intention of teaching people more about all different types of animals and why they are so important to our planet. 

I reached out to them to see if I could come by and photograph the furry and scaly residents there and the owner Chris Vives was more than happy to have me! We have teamed up and in an effort to help them generate more income to keep this beautiful place thriving, I have been working on selling photographs of some of the animals there and providing Noahs Park Retreat with souvenirs like prints and small books! 

If you would like to help you can reach out and become a volunteer or donate directly to them through the below website! Stay tuned for more images as I photograph each of the residents that live there!

- Noahs Park Retreat -